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As a husband and wife team, we understand how a successful business is like a successful marriage — it requires two very different people to discover their shared values in order to make healthy and beneficial decisions so they can better the life of the other person.

At Benu Creative, we focus on helping businesses look beyond products and services so they can market effectively and establish a successful marriage between their brand and their people.

People generally reach out to us when:

  • They try to do it themselves but they need help
  • They aren’t sure what to do
  • They’ve been burnt and need someone they can trust

We believe all behaviors stem from beliefs. Therefore, we strive to honor God by helping our clients discover who they are and to promote a relational and ethical working environment that doesn’t compromise quality of work or life.


Unto the upright there arises light in the darkness;
He is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous.
A good man deals graciously and lends;
He will guide his affairs with discretion.
– Psalms 112: 4-5

Business is more than products and services. It’s people. It’s lives. It’s relational. It can’t be done alone. That’s why we’re here.

Why we Exist

Our Mission

We exist to honor God by helping businesses discover who they are and to promote a relational and ethical working environment that doesn’t compromise quality of work or life.

What others say



After working with Benu Creative this past year I can confidently say we have found our brand. Now, there’s a sense of cohesion with the team because everyone is on board with the mission and values and is excited about the brand. We have a united front when interacting with our customers and I don’t have to worry that someone might say something “off brand” to a customer. It was exceedingly worth going through the branding process with them; every penny spent was worth a dollar in return.

Matthew Slaughter, Earthfort

Gabriel and Kelly spent time getting to know me, my team, and my business and asked all the right questions to guide us to the right solutions. After rolling out the changes we’ve already seen improvement in how people have responded to our new brand identity. They see our branding and immediately want to know more about us, and it’s so much easier to talk about our company and have others clearly understand who and what we’re about. I now have a sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing the vision that was in my head come to life.

Andrea Beem, The Beem Team/Keller Williams Realty

By going through the brand workshop we not only got to the core of my brand, but by helping to identify my values I also experienced personal development and learned about myself along the way. Their process helped solidify what I want to be about, how I want to integrate my brand with life, and how I want to interact with others. Working with them is well worth the investment and I feel you get more value than what you pay for.

Izabela Mattson, Izabela Mattson Photography

While working with Kelly and Gabriel, we were rewarded in clearly defining what our company stood for. Gabriel and Kelly were enthusiastic about what would work for our brand as much as we were. We really enjoyed going through the Brand Workshop and we learned so much as we went along.

Dennis & Molly Miller, TCS Cyber Security

They were sensitive to my personality as a client and made sure the personality of my brand came through in the end product. Every person that I’ve shown hasn’t just thought it was good, but has been wowed by the quality.

Dave Wilkinson, MassageWORKS

I love my new branding! Stage Grace is now a brand that is inviting and personal. They handled my project very professionally and in a timely manner.

Carolyn Hudson-Harris, Stage Grace

Gabriel and Kelly really captured the spirit of my brand. They were able to collaborate with me to create a brand that felt personal. They were really good at educating me which was a huge part for me to feel in control of my own website.

Ryan Dawes, Alpine Gardens

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Who We Are

Meet Your Team

We believe purposeful work is about living out your true design.”

Benu Creative Kelly Shields Branding And Marketing Strategy, Building Brand Awareness, Creative Agency, Graphic Design, Graphic Designer, Branding Workshops,

Kelly Shields

Creative Lead | Brand Architect

Kelly is an entrepreneur, educator, and equestrian. She strategically and creatively positions businesses to become successful through branding. In a former life, Kelly was a 3D Apparel Design Specialist for Browzwear, a global 3D software company helping lead the advancement of 3D technology in the apparel industry.

Benu Creative Gabriel Shields Branding And Marketing Strategy, Building Brand Awareness, Creative Agency, Graphic Design, Graphic Designer, Branding Workshops,

Gabriel Shields

Strategic Manager | Marketing Innovator

Gabriel is an entrepreneur, educator, and storyteller. He provides innovative marketing solutions so businesses can better connect with their audience and have their stories heard. In addition, Gabriel has publications in a myriad of literary journals and years of experience establishing effective online and offline marketing strategies.

Rylee Mathis

Rylee Mathis

Administrative Assistant

Joshua Maramba

Joshua Maramba

Executive Advisor

Brian Olson

Brian Olson

Graphic Designer

Izabela Mattson

Izabela Mattson

Brand Photographer

Lucas Paris

Lucas Paris


David Browne

David Browne

Web Developer

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