Unleash the potential of your business

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At Benu Creative, we dedicate ourselves to developing brands that can market their value effectively.

Unleash the potential
of your business

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At Benu Creative, we dedicate ourselves to developing brands that can market their value effectively.

Struggling to stand out from your competition?

Not communicating value to your audience is costing you…


Having trouble identifying your brand identity?


Struggling to communicate with your audience?


Are you creating content, but no one is engaged?


Unsure how to run a successful marketing campaign?


Does your website get traffic, but no sales?


Clueless on how to track online analytics?

Our Solution

With a customized approach to your company, you’ll receive one-on-one attention to help your business thrive.


Branding isn’t just about logos and fonts, it’s a set of deeply held beliefs and values at the core of your company’s identity. When you establish that you will have people flocking to you. 


Marketing is learning to communicate the value your customers are searching for. When your brand’s message conveys this effectively you gain a relationship with your audience built on loyalty and trust.


Unlocking the secrets to branding and marketing takes a knowledgeable team of people that actively listen and care about where you want to take your business. We’re that team.

Our Value

Your Success

“I love my new branding. Kelly and Gabriel helped bring it all together. Stage Grace is now a brand that is inviting and personal.”

– Carolyn, Stage Grace


Discover your unique value proposition


Create an unforgettable message that resonates with your audience


Build the kind of trust with your audience that makes you a must-have in your industry

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Discover successful strategies that will help you create lasting value, keep your customers coming back, and put more money in your pocket for the things you enjoy most.

Upcoming Events

Mar 18 - Bringing Focus to Your Brand: Logo

Past A logo is more than a design, it's a symbol of your brand. Join us in our series on Bringing Focus to Your Brand as we walk you through the process of creating the right symbol to represent your brand identity. 

Learning REsources

Why we Exist

Our Mission

We exist to help businesses discover who they are and to promote a relational and ethical working environment that doesn’t compromise quality of work or life.

What others say


Personalized Branding

I’m confident that Gabriel and Kelly know what’s happening with my business online and that they understand where I want to take it. They understand that I want to make the phone ring, but have fun doing it. I used their graphic design and web design services to help launch my new Ultimate Care Club program. I have a lot of questions and Gabriel always has an answer or finds one. He reviews each month’s SEO with me so I can understand the results. I also appreciate the couple dynamic. They get energy from each other, are a very professional young couple, and have a lot of enthusiasm to help me.”

– Paul, Rainbow Carpet Cleaning

Measured Success

“When I first met Gabriel and Kelly, I was struck by their great energy. They were so inspirational and enthusiastic; I knew I wanted them to be a part of my journey. They’re a Yin/Yang team where Gabriel’s creative and technical abilities as a web designer and Kelly’s business acuity and organizational skills come together to create a whole and cohesive unit giving me the utmost confidence in leveraging their services. It was a joy to work with them because they were able to come into my space and figure out what represented ‘me’ instead of doing something generic. When I originally built my website, I was just trying to get something up and working but the generic theme lacked my personality. After working with Gabriel and Kelly, I now have a website that represents me. They helped me find my studio’s identity and represent it in the branding of the new web design. It was truly phenomenal to work with them.”

– Rani, Jagged Touch Studio

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