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Bringing Focus to Your Brand: Logo

by | Mar 16, 2020


Key Takeaways


Logo FAQs

How do I create a meaningful logo?
Keep in mind that a logo is not your brand. A logo is symbolic of your brand’s ideas, values, and the promise you make to your audience. Go through the steps of brand development first. Know your mission & values, develop your brand personality, and choose a good brand name that appeals to your target audience.
What are the different types of Logos?
There are seven main types of logos, which are divided into three categories. The first category is Typography marks. This type includes Lettermarks and Wordmarks. The next category is Combo Marks. This type includes Combination Marks and Emblem Marks. The last category is Image Marks which include Pictorial Marks, Mascot Marks, and Abstract Marks.
How can I ensure my Logo is versatile?

Make sure your logo can be used in a variety of settings. Consider how clear the logo will look in different sizes. How will it look when it is very big and very small? Consider how it will look in multiple orientations such as horizontal and vertical. Ask yourself if you have multiple color options for different uses such as black, white, and color? Also, consider if your logo will lend itself well to animation for motion graphics.

What is the advantage of Hiring a Professional Designer?

Professional designers have a vast knowledge of design principles, and the right questions to ask and best practices to achieve a strong end product. A good professional designer will ask about your brand, your audience, and what you want to achieve. You might not need to hire one when you’re first getting started. It’s important to look at the reputation of every agency. Many agencies offer a free first consultation, so if they have an honest reputation it doesn’t hurt to schedule a time to have them learn about your business and see if they feel you’re at the stage of your business to get a professional logo created.


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