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Graphic Design Layouts

Brand Guide | Logo Variations | Web Design

Alpine Gardens Brand Guide

“Gabriel and Kelly really captured the spirit of my brand. They were able to collaborate with me to create a brand that felt personal. Compared to my original logo, my new logo feels true to me and my brand because they worked through the graphic design process with me. The web design process also went great. I really liked being able to meet in person and review it. They were really good at educating me which was a huge part for me to feel in control of my own website. Learning how to use my site in person and with the videos they created was very valuable. There were a lot of moving pieces, and when the weather threw off my plant schedule, they rolled with it and were flexible. Happy with my website and brand guide.”
Ryan Dawes

Alpine Gardens

Brand Guide | Logo Variations | Business Cards

Stage Grace Brand Guide

“I love my new branding. Stage Grace is something I am so passionate and excited to share with women and Kelly and Gabriel helped bring it all together with their creativity and skill in graphic design. Stage Grace is now a brand that is inviting and personal. They handled my project very professionally and in a timely manner, had a really good response time, and I appreciated that they reviewed the contract with me.”

Carolyn Hudson-Harris

Stage Grace

Annual Report | Company Video

Grace City Annual Report

Kelly and Gabe were friendly, competent, creative, efficient, and fun. They got excited about the vision for the video and pdf they created for us and took them further than I could imagine. The end result was phenomenal and I was so excited to share them with everyone. Tears of joy when we got the first drafts. Our lead pastor was over the moon. Thank you so much for all of your work on this – it’s INCREDIBLE.”
Hilary Paulsen

Grace City Church

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