Last Minute Marketing and Selling Strategies to Win the Holidays [Webinar]

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The Holidays don’t have to end here
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Kelly Shields Benu CreativeWhat’s your #1 takeaway from today’s webinar? Or what’s one question you have about developing a strong brand? Either way, I’d love to hear what you have to share so leave me comment below and let’s chat.


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Holiday Selling FAQs

How can I increase sales during holidays?

Update your website’s layout and design with great user experience in mind

Have clear, accurate, and enticing product photography

Extend your salesforce with automation and chatbots

Ensure convenient and reliable delivery

Focus on creating great customer service

Create levels of pricing to ensure various income levels can afford your product/service

Offer different service tiers

Create special holiday offers

Include add-ons, up-sells, and cross-sells

Offer gift certificates

Send gift ideas to your loyal and prospective customers

Offer complimentary gift wrapping or free delivery

Send postcards, mailers, and/or gifts to loyal customers

Add relevant keywords to your content and reindex with Google Console

Setup analytics goal tracking and behavior tracking to gather user behavior data on your website

Use Google Posts on your Google My Business listing

Create click funnels with special offers

Create urgency with artificial scarcity and countdown timers for special holiday deals

How do I promote a holiday?

Create holiday sales and flash sales

Invoke the holiday spirit with decorations to create a holiday atmosphere

Create content based around the holiday or update old content to have a holiday theme

Send email blasts and chat blasts to your subscriber lists

Offer special holiday deals

Offer complimentary gift wrapping

How can I increase my retail sales?

Focus on the in-store experience

Consider throwing an event

Emphasize customer service

Consider offering complimentary gift wrapping

Have unique “in-store only” products

Promote speed and convenience — zero-day shipping

Offer price matching or “order in” when possible

Have an e-commerce website

Carefully craft the store layout for sales

Engage with your audience through your social channels

When the weather permits move outdoors 

What deals should I offer?

Coupons and discounts can be great, but they can also devalue your product or service.

Instead, consider using add-ons to introduce the customer to more products.

Include in a purchase something that doesn’t cost you a lot but is a value-add to your customer.

Focus on adding on consumable products that the customer must replenish on a regular basis.

Up-sell your customers — selling a more expensive version of the product/service.

Take advantage of cross-sells — selling an additional product or service to an existing customer, generally at the point of purchase.

What is an up-sell?

By showcasing the value of the more expensive item you can sell a more expensive version of the product/service to your customer.

What is a cross-sell?

Additional products or services offered to an existing customer, generally at the point of purchase are known as cross-sells. They are often used to create product bundles. 


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