Start Building Your Enduring Brand!

How To Build A Successful Brand From The Inside Out

You wouldn't build a house without a foundation. So if you wouldn't even think twice about building a house without one, why would you run your business without one?

This live class walks you step-by-step through the essential branding process and provides live feedback to ensure you have a strong foundation so it will stand the test of time.

In this Live Class you'll discover How To Build A Successful Brand From The Inside Out:

checkmark What is branding, really? Dispelling the myths

checkmark How to effectively define your brand identity

checkmark Building the type of loyalty & trust with your brand's message

checkmark Biggest branding mistakes to avoid

checkmark Crafting an authentic message that establishes a relationship & generates sells


Best for Small & Medium Sized Companies looking to master their marketing, improve customer and team retention, and increase their revenue

Start Building Your Enduring Brand!

Brand Workbook + Free On-Demand Course


checkmark Build Brand Loyalty With Core Values

checkmark Motivating Success With Your Missional Battlecry

checkmark Promoting Your Business In One Sentence

checkmark How To Pick The Perfect Brand Name

checkmark Identifying Your Ideal Customer Avatar

checkmark Beating The Competition With SWOT Analysis

checkmark Crafting An Authentic Brand Personality

checkmark Stand Out With Your Unique Value Proposition

checkmark Crafting A Catchy Tagline and Slogan

checkmark Everything You Need To Know About Logo Design

checkmark And More…

(Physical Workbook Copy US Only)


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Best for Smaller Companies and DIYers looking to establish their brand or Design/Marketing Agencies wanting to offer more value to their clients
brand workbook print
free on demand masterclass mockup bonus

Doing things differently

This is not just another online course…


No more cramming you into crowded group sessions


Not another one size fits all program that doesn't work


Not simply just more brand consulting offering "advice"


Small groups ensure individualized attention for YOU


A custom approach to meet your specific needs


Actionable plans and strategies you can use

Benu Creative Meeting With Client Gabriel Shields And Kelly Shields Branding And Marketing Strategy, Building Brand Awareness, Creative Agency, Graphic Design, Graphic Designer, Branding Methodology

What others say


After working with Benu Creative this past year I can confidently say we have found our brand. Now, there’s a sense of cohesion with the team because everyone is on board with the mission and values and is excited about the brand. We have a united front when interacting with our customers and I don’t have to worry that someone might say something “off brand” to a customer. It was exceedingly worth going through the branding process with them; every penny spent was worth a dollar in return.

Matthew Slaughter, Earthfort

Gabriel and Kelly spent time getting to know me, my team, and my business and asked all the right questions to guide us to the right solutions. After rolling out the changes we’ve already seen improvement in how people have responded to our new brand identity. They see our branding and immediately want to know more about us, and it’s so much easier to talk about our company and have others clearly understand who and what we’re about. I now have a sense of satisfaction that comes from seeing the vision that was in my head come to life.

Andrea Beem, The Beem Team/Keller Williams Realty

What was once a daunting task became a seamless process, and where previously there were unknown timeframes and deadlines we found in Benu a structured process moving us forward, finding our brand identity, and allowing us to finish this project so we could move on to the practice of law.

Now after developing a successful brand, every day is an opportunity for our clients, our potential clients, and the world at large to know who we are, what we represent, and how we can be a difference-maker in our community.

Chris Cazares, Polaris Injury Law

By going through the brand workshop we not only got to the core of my brand, but by helping to identify my values I also experienced personal development and learned about myself along the way. Their process helped solidify what I want to be about, how I want to integrate my brand with life, and how I want to interact with others. Working with them is well worth the investment and I feel you get more value than what you pay for.

Izabela Mattson, Izabela Mattson Photography

While working with Kelly and Gabriel, we were rewarded in clearly defining what our company stood for. Gabriel and Kelly were enthusiastic about what would work for our brand as much as we were. We really enjoyed going through the Brand Workshop and we learned so much as we went along.

Dennis & Molly Miller, TCS Cyber Security

They were sensitive to my personality as a client and made sure the personality of my brand came through in the end product. Every person that I’ve shown hasn’t just thought it was good, but has been wowed by the quality. Dave Wilkinson, MassageWORKS
I love my new branding! Stage Grace is now a brand that is inviting and personal. They handled my project very professionally and in a timely manner. Carolyn Hudson-Harris, Stage Grace
Gabriel and Kelly really captured the spirit of my brand. They were able to collaborate with me to create a brand that felt personal. They were really good at educating me which was a huge part for me to feel in control of my own website. Ryan Dawes, Alpine Gardens

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