Basic Video Setup

DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON SMARTPHONE LENS – They create distortion and the “improvement is not worth what you pay”

You could attach the KobraTech TriFlex Mini-Flexible Tripod to one of the C-stands that comes with your Light Kit, or the Fotodiox Compact C-Stand, to act as a makeshift fluid head tripod. Make sure to weight it with something heavy, like a sandbag, to keep it from tipping over. You can even DIY a sandbag by filling a plastic bag with sand (or something similar like dry rice or beans). 

Neewer 700W 24×24 inches Softbox Lighting Kit

Bonlux 40W LED Studio Light Bulb

Fotodiox Compact Light Stand, 6’5″ C-Stand
Canon Rebel T7i DSLR Camera
DSLR handheld tripod with phone and remote

KobraTech TriFlex Mini – Flexible Tripod+ Bluetooth Remote

Audio & Accessories

Here’s the thing about audio – it’s not essential (medium priority), BUT here are the benefits:

  1. Certain rooms absorb or echo sound – mics ensure you capture the sound and it is consistent
  2. Reduces any background noise – make sure you pick up the audio you want instead of everything

IK Multimedia iRig Mic Lav compact lavalier microphone

IK Multimedia iRig Pre microphone preamp

SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 64GB 
Canon 80D DSLR

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