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Bringing Focus to Your Brand: Brand Name

by | Feb 19, 2020


Key Takeaways


Brand Name FAQs

How do I choose my Brand Name?
When choosing a brand name focus first on the reputation and personality you wish to convey to your audience. Start with your mission and values. Make sure your name 1) Represents what you do 2) Isn’t limiting 3) Is protectable by trademark 4) Is scalable 5) Will work as a domain name 6) Works with voice search.
How can I ensure my Brand Name is Effective?
Use the Spell, Say, See Principle. If you verbally spoke your brand name to someone at a networking event or spoke with someone on the phone about your business could they easily spell, say, or see your brand name in their mind? Make sure they can visualize your name in their head. Always get feedback on your name. Ask more than just friends and family; actually ask your audience and other business colleagues. Consider how the digital age has changed what names we can use. Think about how it will be used online. To do this consider 1) how people search for you online 2) how voice search is changing the ways in which we search.
What do I need to do to build Brand Name Recognition?
There is no magic formula, but with the right plan you can begin to build traction with your audience. It is important to remember your brand is not merely your name or logo — it’s your reputation. Brand name recognition is something you build up to, but it starts with really understanding your mission and values. Remember a bad reputation can ruin a person’s name, the same goes for your business. Therefore, if you are truly living out your mission and values you will establish a positive association with your brand name. Imagine your brand as a person and ask yourself what the personality of the brand is. Then test to see if that personality fits with your mission and values.


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